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Kizuwanda Walton
Attorney & R eal Estate Broker
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Guiding you to the right solution for your legal needs
  1. Estate Planning
    Inquire today about our Estate Planning Packages. Revocable Living Trusts Wills Power of Attorney Advance Directives HIPPA Waivers Transfer Documents/Deeds
  2. Probate
    We handle a wide variety of probate matters including estates of small value, summary probate, and full probate with letters of administration. Contact the Walton Firm to determine the best option for your situation.
  3. Real Estate Transactions
    Receive the assistance of an experienced attorney who is also a licensed real estate broker to buy or sell a home in Southern California.
  4. Trust Administration
    We provide assistance to Trustees in the process of Trust Administration. We ensure all legal notices and requirements are met during the distribution process.
  5. General
    If you are unsure of the type of assistance required for your legal situation, please contact us for additional guidance.